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WorkLife Ministry

Work is challenging for every one of us and is the place where our character and faith is tested and observed both by God and the people we work with and influence! By providing the Maestro WorkLife Coaching Curriculum and Online tools you are helping people find Life in work!  

WorkLife Tools

WorkLife Emails
 WorkLife Coaching Emails are  lessons that are easy to understand and are usually one page long, designed to help you see God’s purpose and support you in your everyday life. Read it with one or more people answer the three or four questions and close in prayer, they’re perfect for the lunch time study. Sign up for the WorkLife Emails!

  Career Explorer's

Focused on helping you walk through crossroads in your career, our 80-page career guide breaks down the career transition and job search process into 6 steps. It also includes counsel, exercises and encouragement. Topics include career tests, deciding what careers to explore, writing resumes, preparing for interview questions and more.The Career Explorer's Guide is a "work and study course" designed to help people walk through a crossroads in their career. The course has both self-study and facilitated components. Click here to access the 80 page ebook in PDF format.

 More Tools
Remember that your people have a wealth of tools available inside Maestro WorkLife Coaching that help them find life in work. Job transition tools, curriculum such as the 30 WorkLife Truth Modules used individually and in small groups, weekly coaching sessions sent via email keeping God “top of mind”, legal rights at work, video teaching on work, and much more.

Need Help…
We are here to answer any questions you may have around expanding the outreach of your worklife focus. Please feel free to contact us any time at 404-935-5757 ext. 106 or email us at support@worklife.orgWorkLife