Where Everyone is Welcome         Anything is possible         Nobody is Perfect         Where the Love is lived out
Mission And Vision

A Home for Every Heart, A Place for Every Person...

A loving and safe learning environment for your children
Fun-filled activities and classes for teenagers and young adults
Exciting groups for Singles and Married
Supportive activities and fellowships for Seniors

Celebrating, Overcoming...

Powerful weekly worship services
Encouraging and inspiring life changing messages!
Support groups for individuals growing and recovering
Help for those seeking food, clothing, and employment

Making New, Making Great...

Christian education for those young in their faith
Advanced Bible training and leadership workshops
Study groups to strengthen your marriage and family
Personal development seminars and classes

An Abundant Life For You...

Learn how to overcome adversity. Make peace with your past.
find hope for today. Discover God's dream and purpose for your life!
Prepare for a future made in heaven!