Where Everyone is Welcome         Anything is possible         Nobody is Perfect         Where the Love is lived out

It soon became evident from the growth that a new church would have to be built. Thus, the Cathedral of Faith was conceived in Pastor Foreman’s spirit. He embraced the goal of seeing 10,000 people each week coming and going from Cathedral, receiving teaching, counseling and healing.

In 1976 fourteen acres of property were purchased at the corner of Curtner Avenue and Canoas Garden Road. In Fact, a groundbreaking ceremony was held in faith before the ownership papers were finalized.

Architect Dennis Kobza was hired to design and master plan the entire acreage. The first phase, consisting of the sanctuary, chapel, and hospitality center, was designed. The goal was to accomplish the first phase for one million dollars. Instead, the bid came in at 4.5 million dollars! The church had only $37,000. What a journey of faith! With only $37,000, the decision was made to begin construction of the Cathedral of Faith.

The road that led to the completion of this dream was long and hard. At one point the construction ceased for nine months. The façade of the building was nothing but black tar paper. Weeds grew up around the frame structure; motorcyclists used the main floor as a race track. Peers and public alike referred to the doomed structures as Foreman’s Folly! But, as Pastor Foreman preaches:

Frustrations are not Final, Mistakes are not Fatal, and Delays are not Denials.

Men and women, young and old alike, gave of their time, their talent and their finances. Week after week volunteer crews worked diligently. Theirs was an effort of love; a worship to God.

In God’s timing the construction of phase one was completed. On march 15, 1981, the Grand Opening of the Cathedral of Faith was celebrated. The Vice Major, Lola Williams, and other city and state officials joined longtime personal friends Allen Randolph, Nancy Harmon and Harold Woodson. Pastor Foreman pronounced the church prayer and the ultimate direction of ministry.

“Father, help us to care about people that no one else is caring for;
Help us to hear the cry that no one else is hearing;
Help us to see the hurts that no one else is noticing.”