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In the height of the Foreman’s success, the Lord gave Pastor Kenny another personal assignment. In August of 1965 Kenny received a call from Rev. Rayford Aderholt, pastor of Friendly Bible Church in San Jose, CA, inviting him to conduct a crusade. A few weeks later he received a call from Rev. Aderholt informing him that he was resigning as pastor of Friendly Bible Church and felt deeply impressed that Pastor Foreman was the person to replace him. After much prayer seeking God’s will, Pastor Kenny accepted the invitation.

In November of 1965, the move was made to San Jose. Immediately after becoming Pastor of Friendly Bible Church, Pastor Kenny stepped out in faith to reach the San Francisco Bay Area for Christ. He began producing a weekly half-hour television program entitled, Kenny Foreman Presents Abundant Living. The program was aired on Channel 11 – and ABC affiliate in San Jose; one of only five stations in the area. It was one of the first religious programs in the Bay Area. Al Gilliand, the owner of the station, and Bob Hosfelt, the General Manager, gave Kenny the opportunity to follow the highly viewed ABC Blockbuster Movies on prime time Sunday Evenings. Following this popular program gave a high Nielson rating, causing the church to experience immediate growth.

Kenny Foreman Presents Abundant Living was also syndicated nationally on several television stations and on the PTL and TBN networks. The only other Christian minister on television at that time was Oral Roberts. Pastor Foreman knew that television was one of the most powerful tools in reaching his generation for Christ. It demanded great commitment, large finances for production and air time, personal time involving long hours, television equipment and staff. Kenny Foreman is the only local minister and programmer who remained on the air for 40 years. Throughout the years he has never received any financial income for his television ministry. All monies received were funneled back into the operations of the ministry.