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The work of the church exploded into over 70 ministries. But the vision God had given Kenny Foreman didn’t cease with these ministries. On January 1, 1982, the switch was pulled and the Cathedral of Faith became the home of The Religious Channel; 24 hours of Christian programming on Gill Cable, the largest cable company in the nation at that time. The dream of reaching the lost through such a powerful media now took on a local dimension. With channel 5-B, the local churches and pastors could supplement their ministry with television. In 1986, Paul Crouch and Hal Lindsey joined in the ceremony of pulling the switch signing on Channel 65; a full broadcast Christian television station with a potential of reaching over six million people.

In 1990 United Christian Broadcasting was formed, bringing Channel 65 into a working relationship with Channel 42. For over 5 years the Gospel message covered most of Northern and Central California. In 1995 this season of Christian television ended and the network was dissolved.

Another highlight in the life of the Cathedral of Faith was the Celebration of Love that was held at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds for Christmas, 1989. San Francisco 49er Guy McIntyre, San Jose Mayor Tom McEnery and dignitaries including Congressman Norman Mineta, State Senator Alfred Alquist, City Councilman George Shirakawa and Police Chiel Lou Cobarruviaz joined the thousands who gathered for this historic occasion. To this day, Pastor Foreman holds closest to his heart the Reaching Out Ministry that serves the homeless and needy.

The dramatic arts also plays a vital role in the Cathedral of Faith’s outreach to the community and have gained widespread notoriety over the years.