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Pre 1960's

Kenny Foreman was the third of three children born to Hansel and Mabel Foreman in Crowley, Louisiana. Doctors gave Kenny, age 10, a grave outlook from recovering from a rheumatic heart condition. Mrs. Meyers, a neighbor lady, prayed, Kenny was healed, and the family received Salvation.

At the age of 13, Kenny made a serious commitment to Christ and by the age of 17 he was on the road ministering full-time as an evangelist. God’s hand was upon him and His blessings were evident. Kenny Foreman preached in large auditoriums, churches and tent meetings. God confirmed His Word with signs, wonders and miracles as thousands made a decision for Christ.

In 1953 Kenny met Shirley, the daughter of the prominent Dr. & Mrs. Lowry of Trinity Church in Oakland, California. Shirley Lowry well understood the commitment of ministry. On Saturday, September 14th, 1957, Kenny arrived in town from a crusade in time to work all morning slicing bologna and cheese for the wedding reception that evening. On Monday at 7:00 a.m., Kenny hosted a program on a local radio station. Then off he went with his bride to Beaumont, Texas, where Shirley met Kenny’s parents and family for the first time.

They continued their honeymoon traveling on from Texas to Kansas City, Missouri to pioneer a new church. Shirley, as she has throughout their marriage, joined in right beside her husband and spent their honeymoon converting an old theater into a place of worship. Together they cleaned 1,183 chairs and the bathrooms. On their first Sunday there were 17 people present; most of whom were there because Pastor Foreman picked them up and brought them to church. Pastor Kenny preached and played the guitar while Shirley played the organ, accordion and piano. They made quite a team!

In those days they lived in a small 28 ft. trailer. Life was full of God’s goodness and blessing. It was during this time that the Lord gave Pastor Kenny and Shirley two sons, Ken and Kurt. Ken was born on September 25, 1959 and Kurt followed on October 18, 1964. The Church has always been a central part of Ken and Kurt’s existence. When revival broke out for weeks at a time, you would find the young Foreman boys sleeping under the pews or next to the organ.

The Lord prospered their work and Calvary Temple grew to well over 1,200, becoming one of the largest charismatic churches in the nation. The theater was remodeled into a beautiful sanctuary and a large educational building was constructed. Property was purchased and plans were made to build a new sanctuary to seat 2,000 people.

The work of Christ at Calvary Temple was heard of in many parts of the nation. Jimmy Davis, former Governor of Louisiana and established actor when Kenny was a child, was among the prominent leaders of our nation who came to Calvary Temple. In the summer of 1965, Pastor Kenny rented a tent to have meetings in through the summer. Pastor Kenny preached every night for eight weeks, as there was a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Many nights there were as many people on the outside of the tent as there was on the inside.


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