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Student Ministries (6-12 grades)


Welcome to 2Twenty2 Student Ministries (6th-12th grade)

“Redeeming this generation for Jesus Christ through discipling and empowering students!”
Whether you are a student,  friend, or a parent , we are excited to let you know all about “2Twenty2” here at the Cathedral of Faith. 2Twenty2 is here to serve you and to help you connect and grow in your relationship with God. We encourage you to check out our site and see what we are all about. We hope you will join us for one of our awesome services. There will be powerful worship, life-changing messages and, cool games. Come hang out with other students and experience God in an fun and exciting way. 2Twenty2 comes from 2 Timothy 2:22, which encourages the believer to pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace with a pure heart.

Meeting times… 

Middle School-- 10AM, Horton Youth Center Room 210 
High School—10AM, Horton Youth Center Auditorium


Middle and High School 7:27PM, Horton Youth Center Auditorium

Here’s 2Twenty2's Core Values

1. We Value Students
We actually enjoy being around your Jr. High and High School students! We foster environments where students want to hang out and can feel welcome. That opens the door to investing time in students, building natural friendships, and encouraging them in their relationship with Christ.

2. We Want to Partner With Parents
We believe that parents should be the primary teacher’s in a student’s life; therefore, we want to be a resource and ally for parents and help in any way we can. Parents are ALWAYS welcome and invited to any student ministry event, and we have resources, offer counseling, and have volunteer opportunities to interact with our students.

3. God Still Speaks
God is the great communicator, and His primary way of talking to people is through His Word, the Bible. We believe God has a plan for EVERY student’s life, and He actually wants to share it with us! We teach our students how to live their lives dependent on God’s voice and how to discern His Will for their lives.

Student’s Need People That They Can Trust
Student’s need a SECURE environment where they can find hope and healing in Jesus Christ. We ruthlessly protect the emotional and physical safety of students so every student can have a safe place to deal with any of life’s hurts, habits, or hang ups.

God Wants To Redeem The World And He Has Chosen Us To Do It
Church is about more than just getting our personal needs met. We believe true fulfillment is only found in partnering with God in meaningful work to serve others and show them His love, so students participate in local and international mission trips to take part on spreading God’s kingdom.

Students Are Capable of Leadership
As students grow in their relationship with God, we empower them as leaders. They are perfectly suited to make an impact on their peers. Being entrusted with leadership allows students to take ownership in their ministry. Empowered discipleship is the method Jesus gave to spread the Kingdom of God, and it’s the key to success.