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Director: Stephanie Villegas
We here at Cathedral of Faith sincerely share with you the joy and happiness you are experiencing in anticipation of a Christian marriage. As you make Jesus Christ Lord of your engagement and marriage, He will bless you with a full and rich life together.

Our Vision

To assist in making your wedding a beautiful and Holy event to cherish.

To equip you with the necessary foundation to a have a marriage that will reflect God’s purpose and provision for your lives together.

Wedding Requirements

  • Regular attendance at Cathedral of Faith
  • Attend the “Meaning of Marriage” Study (call the office for next scheduled date)
  • Meet with the Cathedral of Faith minister performing your ceremony.

Additional Information:

Stephanie will assist you in securing the facilities for your wedding.
(we are not able to hold receptions here at this time)

  • Call for available dates and times and wedding application.
  • Call the church office at 408-267-4691 and ask for Stephanie or email at svillegas@cathedraloffaith.org
  • Stephanie will be your Bridal Consultant once you have a “confirmed” wedding at Cathedral of Faith