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Care And Connection Ministries
Care & Connections

At Cathedral of Faith, we like to say that we're a place where everyone is welcome, nobody is perfect,  and anything is possible. And it's true--we serve the God of second chances--and we want to lift you up and support you on your journey. We offer many ministries to help do that--Celebrate Recovery assists people with their hurts, habits and hang-ups, Life Hurts--God Heals Student Recovery Program is tailored to teens, Grief Share reaches out to those who have lost loved ones, Small Groups offer an intimate, personal prayer group, and the Prayer Ministry is our direct line to heaven--taking your needs to the Father. 

Please take a moment to explore these ministries. Perhaps God is leading you to 'step out of your comfort zone' and be a part. You'll be met by welcoming, accepting people who share similar journeys.