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Worship Arts

Worship Arts Team

“We exist to create environments for people to encounter God.” 2 Chronicles 5

Cathedral World of Arts/Technical Arts Director | Pastor Rick Robinson

Visual & Media Arts Director | Pastor Scott Cody

Director of Media  | Dawn Foreman
Lighting Director | Kyle Harbor 
Design/Photography | Karen Draves-Hau
Audio Director | Roberta Starr
Drama Director | Joyce Taylor
Wardrobe/Sewing Director | Veronica Anderson
Set Design and Props Director | Manuel Moreno
Stage Tech Director | Moshe Bunya  
Media Associate/Web Master | Jeannine Nyberg

For World of Arts/Technical Arts please contact:

Jani Lopez | jlopez@cathedraloffaith.org | 408.979.3069  

Cathedral Worship Pastor/ Creative Arts Director | Pastor Vaughn Thompson

Associate Worship/Creative Arts Pastor | Pastor Cedric Tsang
Associate Worship/Creative Arts Pastor | Pastor Irene Thompson
Worship Dance Coordinator | Pastor Irene Thompson
Choir Director | Edie Kern
Hula Ministry Director | Rob & Barbara Tovar
San Jose Campus Band Director |Tom Tomasello
Jr. & Sr. High Sign Teams | Rebecca Hernandez
Flash Mob Teams | Pastor Irene Thompson
School of Worship Workshop Series | Pastor Cedric Tsang

For Worship/Creative Arts please contact:

Irene Thompson | ithompson@cathedraloffaith.org | 408.979.3072 
Cedric Tsang | ctsang@cathedraloffaith.org | 408.979.3066