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Special Needs


Special Needs Ministry

Through The Roof was started after God had shown a vision that we needed a class where we could take care of children and adults with special needs. Parents would then be able to go to church and get to know Jesus who gives them everything they need to take care of their child or adult with special needs. 

Sunday Classes @ 10am & 11:45 a.m., Sanctuary Building Near Volunteer Central

We offer a “Sunday School” class for children or adults with special needs. We have a structured class environment with a consistent routine. Our class starts with opening prayer followed by amazing worship, and because not everyone is vocal, we have musical instruments for them to make joyful noise to Jesus with. A simple bible story teaching follows including our memory verse with words & gestures. It’s then the kids turn to pray and make their requests to God. Snacks & playtime finishes off our class as we wait for parents to arrive.

Friday Night Respite Care

We offer a monthly respite care night for children/adults with special needs and their siblings. The second Friday of every month is set aside for us in The Horton Youth Center from 6:30- 9:30p.m.. We have games to play, puzzles to put together, crafts to make, movies to watch, snacks to eat and friends to have a fun with. Reservations are required, we need to make sure we have the correct child to volunteer ratio, so please contact us the week prior to our Respite Care Night. Just give us your email, and we will be happy to add you to our notification list, so you can enjoy the evening off!

Meet Our Team

Theresa Lopez
Director of Special Needs Ministry

Theresa is a mother of 3 boys, Nicholas, Christopher & a special needs boy named Matthew. In 2011, she was married to her best friend, Rick Lopez and works as a Senior Marketing Associate for Sysco Food Service. Besides her passion for serving God and the special needs community, she also loves music, cooking and baking, and entertaining family and friends.

Donna Ballard
Donna co-leads our 10:00 a.m. class and runs a daycare during the week. She also has a grown son with autism.

Pearline Chukes

Pearline co-leads our 10:00 a.m. class and loves spending time with her great grand-children.  Her son with special needs is no longer with us but is forever in her heart.

Jane Perez

Jane co-leads our 11:45 a.m. class and has been attending Cathedral of Faith for over 25 years. She also has an adult daughter with special needs.

Maria Martinez

Maria co-leads our 11:45 a.m. class and works with children with special needs for the Santa Clara County Office of Education.

We Welcome Volunteers!

For more information, contact Theresa Lopez at 408.564.0988 or ttr.theresa@gmail.com

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Support Group for Parents & Caregivers

A Warm and welcoming place where everyday stresses are understood and unique milestones are praised! Our support group meets the same time as our monthly respite care so that childcare will be provided.  Reservations are required for childcare.  For more information, contact Maryanna Bernal at ttr.maryanna@gmail.com

More info:
Special Needs Resource Events 1999 So. Bascom Ave., Suite 700 Campbell, CA 95008
Phone: 408-879-2612 Fax: 408-879-2635 Website: www.sunriseandsmiles.org


Saturday . 5 & 7 PM
Sunday . 7:30AM | 9AM | 10:30AM | 12PM

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Sunday . 10AM


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