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I had no self-respect and I was selfish in my disease.  I have a rap sheet that speaks for itself.  From the time I was twenty-one to age forty I have been back and forth in my disease and in jail. It was a roller coaster ride that was never ended.  I was so tired of abusing my mind and body with drugs.  I was mixing so many different chemicals that I ended up overdosing.  My house foreclosed and my stepfather passed away on the same day.  My husband, my mother, and my daughters were all now homeless!  It was on that same day that I was rescued not arrested and went to jail but I was grateful and knew I was saved.  God has a plan for everyone.  Shortly thereafter God blessed my husband with a place close to Cathedral of Faith church.  Once released from jail I immediately started attending church and Celebrate Recovery regularly.  I am now a facilitator for women who wear the same shoes I once wore.  My husband and my daughters attend church as well.  My daughters recently were part of the cast in this year's King of Glory drama production.  It was by the grace of God that I am alive today!  His purpose for me is that I am a living testimony.  I'm one of His chosen ones and I'm obedient to Him.  I no longer have desire to use drugs or alcohol.  He has given me hope and strength.  Jesus Christ is the reason I live today.  I'm glad to be a part of Cathedral of Faith's Celebrate Recovery Ministry.

Living in darkness surely took its toll on me; life before and after my 14th birthday was filled with a lot of gloomy moments.  Between the ages of 7 and 13 I was sexually molested 4 times.  I didn't make much of it.  I thought this was normal that these events happened.  At 14, my teenage life was infected by the Bloods versus Crips gang disease.  Looking back on those days I know now that God's hand was upon me.  In spite of all the trouble I got into I never saw the walls of juvenile hall.  Yet, I didn't see God for what He is.  By the age of 20 I experienced my first same sex relationship.  At 22 I took my first puff of marijuana, snorted my 1st line of cocaine, and smoked my 1st hit of crystal meth all in a week. Although drugs numbed my pain from all the problems I had it couldn't make me feel the love I longed for.  But that all changed when I walked through the doors to Celebrate Recovery.  I was welcomed with opened arms.  Most importantly I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  I've acknowledged that nothing good lived in me that is in my sinful nature; for I have the desire to do what is right but I cannot carry it out.  Since walking through the doors I have completed the 12 steps twice, am an apprentice to the Assimilation leader as well as the Friday night women's orientation, plus I am co-leader for the CR worship team.  I couldn't have done all this without God's mercy and grace, which is sufficient enough for me.  Although life had its gloomy moments it is now brighter and better all thanks to Jesus Christ's healing touch and wonderful light in which He guides me with.  God is Good, All the Time!


 Since my teen years, I had been a yo-yo dieter.  I would diet and lose weight, then gain it all back, plus more.  I've always enjoyed food.  I'd eat when I was happy and eat goodies to reward myself.  Plus I'd binge and use chocolate to soothe my nerves.  In earlier years, it was easy to take the weight off.  My attitude was: I'll eat this now and take it off tomorrow.  That worked fine until I reached my forties, when it became more difficult to get the weight off.  I focused on what I couldn't eat and feeling deprived.  Food became an addiction.  I couldn't stay on a diet and I didn't have the willpower I once had.  I found out in September 2003 that Celebrate Recovery was starting up and they had a group for those struggling with overeating.  My ears perked up & I realized that's what I need.  I attended the 12-steps and began to learn how to rely on God, realizing only He could help me.  I completed the 12-step program in December 2004.  After graduation I immediately started to practice what I learned in Step 12 to give back.  I facilitated the Orientation, a mixed women's' 12-step group, I served as co-leader for the Worship Team and the women's group for those struggling with Love & Relationships.  I am currently facilitator for the women's group for those struggling with food addiction and a member of the Worship Team.  With God's help, I've learned to listen to my body and know when I'm satisfied, instead of stuffed.  I've learned to voluntarily submit to every change God wants to make in my life & ask Him to remove my character defects.  I'm still a work in progress and have a way to go, but it's so wonderful to feel God's presence and partner with Him on this journey.  I am still struggling with eating disorders and
co-dependency, but I am an over comer through Jesus Christ, Who strengthens me in all things.


 I had tolerated the drinking, drugs, even the verbal abuse, but not this betrayal I couldn't handle this kind of rejection this time not just from the man I loved but, also from someone I thought was my friend.  I had next to NO self-esteem.  But through the Grace of God He has brought me through it.  He has molded and shaped me.  He allowed me to go through the fire but didn't let me get burn.  He never left me in the fire alone.  I am truly "a work in progress."  I have been blessed to see God's miracles unfold right before my very eyes.  God has changed my life through Celebrate Recovery. 

My life was totally out of control.  I was in a crisis and tried to deal with my struggles on my own.  I was paralyzed with fear because everything in my life was falling apart I didn't even reach out to God.  As a matter of fact in all the craziness I had forgotten to seek Him.  Instead I started to isolate myself and just dug myself into a deep hole and couldn't see any hope in sight.  I felt so alone even when I was among friends and family.  I was too embarrassed to share with them because I felt they would judge me.  I was so broken and didn't trust anyone not even God.  This all changed when I started coming to Celebrate Recovery.  I chose to take action and reach out to my Lord Jesus Christ.  By participating in the CR Program it has given me a better perspective of how I live my life and how I strive to handle situations as Jesus Christ would because He is my Savior and He is the one I want to imitate.  I'm grateful to God for always being there even when I would forget about Him.  I'm also thankful to Pastor Richard and my Christian brothers and sisters for their loving support and acceptance.  Celebrate Recovery has been a spiritual experience and awesome journey.  I have come a long way all with the help of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.

The marks from my heels are still in the parking lot if you look closely.  I felt broken, ashamed, and had very low self-esteem because of the nature of compulsive and addictive behavior & I didn't know what to expect from the people or the ministry.  For the first four months I was doing the two-step dance, dancing with my denial & my issues and still wanting to be in control of my life.  However large my struggle was I managed to complete the 12-step program.  I stepped into a more active roll in the CR ministry & willingly I turned my will over to God trusting Him with all my heart.  With the help of God's Holy Spirit and working the steps in Celebrate Recovery my relationship with my wife, children, mother and my siblings have greatly improved.  Each day I apply the eight principles and thank God for His grace upon me.

I don't have any problems, I just came to support my husband who struggled with drugs, is what I said when I first sat in orientation.  I battled with denial the couple of times I came to support him.  Little did I know that in those times of coming back, God would get a hold of my heart and help me to break through my denial of struggling with Co-dependency.  As I came back week after week and participated in the 12-Step Study as well as the Open Share groups God gave me victory over my struggle one moment at a time.  I thank God for Cathedral of Faith's Celebrate Recovery.

I got along pretty well with a man I dated even though he was a drinker.  But after a while he became verbally and emotionally abusive.  I can fix him were the thoughts running through my mind.  I was deep in denial and had feelings of guilt as I contemplated leaving him.  But I knew it was the best thing to do to keep myself from illness had I stayed. I was fearful, apprehensive and very broken, but found the help I needed at Cathedral of Faith's Celebrate Recovery.  I was welcomed by loving sisters and felt God's presence here.  I am ever so grateful to God for allowing me to have peace and the freedom to trust in Him in all things.  God is good all the time.  

I came to church hoping to hook up with someone.  I was broken, addicted to drugs, and felt hopeless.  As I sat listening to the message I felt as though God was talking to me, how did He know about the things I was struggling with.  I found some pamphlets on Celebrate Recovery and started attending the following week.  It was through the Open Share and Step Study Groups that I gave my brokenness, my addiction, and hopelessness over to Christ.  Today, I live one day at a time, one moment at a time filled with His endless hope, abundance of love, and everlasting joy.  Thank You Jesus for Celebrate Recovery!  

I came through the doors very fearful, apprehensive, and very broken.  It was feelings I had built up over the years of being in a marriage where I found out that my husband wasn't quite whom I thought he was.  Everything didn't add up; he was a compulsive liar.  I couldn't bare it anymore and divorced a few years later.  Three years had passed and I met a nice man & we started dating.  I was stunned when he told me up front he was a drinker and don't try to change him.  I ignored it and believed that it didn't matter because we got along pretty well.  However, that all change when evening came.  He would become verbally & emotionally abusive.  I was in denial big time.  I thought I could fix him and I was very co-dependant.  Although I felt guilty leaving him during his time of grieving his son's death I knew I had to or I would probably get very ill had I stayed.  I found help at Cathedral of Faith.  I was referred to Celebrate Recovery.  As I walked through the doors the sisters immediately gave me a hug and welcomed me.  I knew I was in the right place and I felt the presence of the Lord here.  I joined the 12-steps and graduated and got baptized by Pastor Richard.  I have facilitated a women's 12-step group that graduated this year.  I am a member of the CR worship team.  I'm ever so grateful to God for allowing me to have peace and the freedom to trust in the Lord in all things.  God is good all the time.  So keep coming back, it works, if you work it and if you don't it won't and you're worth it.

I started a destructive time in my life after my dad died.  There was grief and guilt.  Because of a strained relationship with my mom I thought all I had was my dad.  I could have done make-up exams at school but didn't.  I never really went back to school for very long.  I regret that now.  As for getting married I was never going to get married until I met my husband.  I ignored all the signs.  He came with a ready-made family and for some reason I decided he was the one.  We had some good times but then the bad times came.  I wasn't much help at fixing the problems especially after I lost my baby.  I went off for a little while.  All I was looking for was a way out of my marriage I was thinking Divorce.  But I started to change my prayers to saving my family instead of getting out of it.  I came to Celebrate Recovery as a support for my husband little did I know I had issues and here is where I could start to work on them.  I took baby steps to complete and graduate the 12- Steps.  I am now a facilitator for my second 12-step group.  I work through the steps with my accountability partner as well as the ladies in our group.  I have had more breakthroughs and revelations thanks to Jesus Christ and  His recovery program.  I know I am still a work in progress but that is a good thing.  My prayer is that God never stops working on me or through my struggle and me, an earnest and conscientious activity intended to do or accomplish something.  Praise be to Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior!

 "I was raised in a Christian home, grew up in the church and was born again. But, I repeatedly made the same mistakes. Why? Why did I hurt so much? No one knew my pain; I hid it very well. While growing up, my parents and family did not know or understand. I had Jesus in my life. Wasn't He to make my pain go away? Why didn't He? Why were my relationships abusive? After all I'm a good and kind person. Something was not right. After many years of searching and questions, I found the answer in Celebrate Recovery..." 

  “At the age 21, I was a new Christian and had been delivered from drugs and alcohol, but in the next ten years, I fell back into my sinful behavior. I realized I had to seek the Lord again. In April 2001, I started attending Celebrate Recovery’s 12-Step Program twice a week with my family and they too have been saved. On July 9, I finally gave control of my life to God and have been free of alcohol and drugs since then. I thank God that Celebrate Recovery was there when I was ready for it, because God has used it to bring sanity to my life and I can now serve Him and His Church." 



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