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What students are saying....

-I have a better attitude.  
-I know look on my past more positively.  
-My relationship with my mom is better.  
-I know feel comfortable expressing my feelings.  
-My mom told me my attitude has changed for the better.  
-I now know how to get my feelings out without getting mad.  
-I love this class.      

What parent's are saying.....    
-So glad we found this program.  
-Forced child to attend the program, she graduated and she decided to return for another session on her own.  
-My child is back on track, this is just what my child needed.  
-This was the best program for my son.  He didn't want to come at first but after three weeks he was eager to attend.  
-Wish I had found this program sooner. 

Contact: Director: Richard Alvarez | 408.799.5239 | lhgh.cathedraloffaith@gmail.com