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Current Programs

Group Cycling

Experience our Spinner Bikes!  Climb hills, sprint, and train in intervals to music, motivation and enthusiastic coaching!  Riders are lead by an instructor through routines designed to simulate terrain and situations encountered in outdoor biking.  No other form of cardiovascular training burns as many calories as group cycling while building the body you want.

Kettlebell Classes

Kettlebells are the cutting edge of functional movement exercise!  Strength, power, cardiovascular fitness, mobility, flexibility, and balance are developed through total body movements.  Practical strength gains are achieved through coordinated physical effort, mental concentration and dynamic intensity, developing the strength you need to succeed!

Senior Fitness


Work towards better health and stronger bodies with a welcoming group of friends who will work with you and encourage you towards your goals.  Improve your balance and flexibility and function in this fresh and creative exercise program.


Designed to help beginners get started or intermediates get back on track by building stronger abdominals, greater back mobility, improved cardiovascular capacity and increased muscular strength.

Something different every day! Utilize the whole facility in unique sequences of resistance, cardiovascular, stability, balance and flexibility training.

You will work out with innovative instruction and success strategies from certified F.I.T. coaches and benefit from the motivation and inspiration of training with fitness enthusiasts just like you!

*Fee based class. Register at the Fitness Desk


Challenge your F.I.T. foundation with progressive sequences of stability, balance, flexibility, mobility, resistance, cardiovascular, agility, quickness, speed, and explosive training! 

Make your workouts count!  Strengthen your core for effective, pain free exercise.  Set a strong foundation to your fitness by learning techniques that develop stability and strength

Challenge your core with an introduction to interval training!  You will prepare your cardiovascular and muscular systems to produce the power needed to achieve ultimate fitness.

 Maximize the metabolism of each workout with progressive core exercises, cardiovascular, and resistance training in a motivating team environment.  Build strength, endurance, and stamina in order to sustain power.
*Fee based class. Register at the Fitness Desk