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Performax Training

Personal Word from Rommell & Aurora Corpuz Certified Performax Trainers


The FLC focuses on providing a life changing experience by helping our members be their best! For some people this means running a six minute mile, for other it’s playing tennis on the weekends and waking up without pain and still for other it’s getting up, down and around with their grandchildren. We empower our members to do more that they ever thought possible.

Highly trained and certified staff members hold group fitness classes, center orientations and confer with members one-on-one to meet their fitness goals. The team has compassion to understand that it’s not just about physical development, but mental preparation and spiritual awareness, which allows each individual to achieve their maximum potential. You are going to move better. You are going to feel better. It’s going to change your life when you join us.

If you want to improve the quality of you life… not just the quality of your exercise… not just the quality of your body… but your life as a whole with help every step of the way, then the FLC is for you!