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Testimony by Janice

"I was raised in a Chiristian home, grew up in the church and was born again. But, I repeatedly made the same mistakes. Why? Why did I hurt so much? No one knew my pain; I hid it very well. While growing up, my parents and family did not know or understand. I had Jesus in my life. Wasn't He to make my pain go away? Why didn't He? Why were my relationships abusive? After all I'm a good and kind person. Something was not right. After many years of searching and questions, I found the answer in Celebrate Recovery..." Janice

Testimony by Robert

“At the age 21, I was a new Christian and had been delivered from drugs and alcohol, but in the next ten years, I fell back into my sinful behavior. I realized I had to seek the Lord again. In April 2001, I started attending Celebrate Recovery’s 12-Step Program twice a week with my family and they too have been saved. On July 9, I finally gave control of my life to God and have been free of alcohol and drugs since then. I thank God that Celebrate Recovery was there when I was ready for it, because God has used it to bring sanity to my life and I can now serve Him and His Church." Robert