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State Regulations

Staff & teachers must meet State minimum requirements to teach:

  • 12 college units in Early Childhood Education
  • Pediatric CPR and Health & Safety Training
  • Background / Fingerprint clearance
  • Medical clearance

State minimum requirements for facility size:
My School 's facility is licensed for 65 children.
Our facility is 9,085 sq. feet
Playground requirement is 75 sq. feet per child for a total of 11,250 sq. feet. My School's newly designed playground area boasts 14,760 sq. feet. Students enjoy the spacious lawn, sand area, and the fun-filled climbing and swinging structures.

State minimum requirements for faculty to child ratio: 1:12
My School ratios are as follows:
2 year olds 1 to 9
3 year olds 1 to 12
4 year olds 1 to 12
Pre-K 1 to 12