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Allen Randolph- Guest Speaker

Marcus & Joni Lamb

3/2/14 Marcus Lamb

John Mendez 1/05/14

1/5/13 John Mendez

Harold Woodson 12/29/13

Harold Woodson 12/29/13

Kenny Foreman- Getting a grip on life-wise up

Get a Grip on Life Wise Up

Special Guest Dwight Thompson

Special Guest John Jackson-Finding Your Place in His Plan- Stand alone message

Special Guest Dr. John Jackson

Jeff Bramstedt

07/21/13 Jeff Bramstedt

You're on Vacation-Wayne Mancari

7/14/13 Your on Vacation by Wayne Mancari

Ed Silvoso

7/7/13 Ed Silvoso

Donnie Moore- 4/21/13

Allen Randolph

4/14/13 Allen Randolph

Through The Roof

Through the Roof

Get Ready!

Get Ready!

Donnie Moore

123012 Donnie Moore