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Guest Speaker-Josh McDowell

10/2/16 josh McDowell

Guest Speaker-Harold Woodson

9/4/16 Harold Woodson

Guest Speaker - Dwight Thompson

7/31/16 Dwight Thompson

Guest Speaker - Sam Huddleston

7/24/16 Sam Huddleston

Guest Speakers-John & Kari Trent

7/10/16 John & Kari Trent

Guest Speaker-Anthony Liebenberg

5/15/16 Anthony Liebenberg

Upward Basketball Celebration 2016

3/06/16 Upward Basketball Celebration Night

Guest Speaker-Harold Woodson

1/3/16 Harold Woodson

Guest Speaker-Donnie Moore

Guest Speaker-Donnie Moore

Cathedral Fest Message

Pastor Ken's Cathedral Fest Message

Guest Speaker - Dr. Daniel Amen

Dr Daniel Amen

Guest Speaker - John Mendez

8/30/15 John Mendez

Guest Speaker - Sam Huddleston

8/23/15 Sam Huddleston

Guest Speaker-Irene Thompson

8/16/15 Irene Thompson

Guest Speaker-John Trent

8/9/15 Dr. John Trent

Guest Speakers-Luis & Kevin Palau

8/2/15 Luis & Kevin Palau

Pastor Wayne Mancari - H.E.A.L.

7/26/15 Wayne Mancari- H.E.A.L.

Guest Speaker-Tommy & Luke Barnett

7/19/15 Tommy Barnett
7/19/15 Luke Barnett

Guest Speaker-Dwight Thompson

7/5/15 Dwight Thompson

Guest Speaker-Allen Randolph

Guest Speaker-Wilfredo De Jesus

Guest Speaker-Wilfredo De Jesus

Easter 2015 Message

4/5/15 Easter 2015

Kenny Foreman-Good Friday Message

4/3/15 Kenny Foreman Good Friday Message

Guest Speaker- Erwin McManus

2/22/15 Erwin McManus

Kenny Foreman-He Was There All The Time

Kenny Foreman- He Was There All The Time

Guest Speaker-Harold Woodson

12/28/14 Harold Woodson

Imagine- Stretching Your Imagination

11/23/14 Imagine-Stretching Your Imagination

Guest Speaker-Donnie Moore